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Session Fees & Membership

Please note that Parkside Badminton Club operates a cashless system. All payments are paid via Bank Transfer.

£9.00 Guest Player session fee

New players should contact to register your interest to play or register here.

You are entitled to 4 guest sessions at a price of £9 per session, after which you are required to become a member, when the session fee drops to £7 per session and an annual Club Membership fee is payable.

£7.00 Member session fee

Members who have paid their annual membership fee can take full advantage of the £2 per session discount.

Should we be entered into leagues, you are also entitled to represent the club in matches.

£45 Annual Membership Fee

During September each year members must renew their annual membership fee and complete the membership form online.

The following pro-rata fees apply:

September £45.00
October £45.00
November £40.00
December £35.50
January £31.00
February £26.50
March £22.00
April £17.50
May £13.00
June and July £10
August £5


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